Microblading Brows

Microblading Brow Perfect trained

This innovative treatment will transform your brows with long lasting results.

Microblading is the art of applying a semi-permanent colour to your eyebrow with an incredibly fine blade. The Hair strokes are very fine and amongst your own brows giving you a natural and fuller look. This treatment is ideal for anyone who has uneven, sparce brows. Giving you even brows that are symetrical.

As a client I will work with you to decide your chosen brow shape, we use a process called mapping out, to design your new brow shape. We can also match the colours of the pigment added to suit your hair colour and skin tone. You will be able to see the shape before we start so we can discuss any changes before we start. Making sure you are 100% happy with your brows from start to finish. Only then will I begin your brows.

We will need 2-3 appointments to give you the perfect brows. Below is how the treatment works.

How It Works

I will first do a consultation before we start making sure the treatment is safe for us to do asking you about any containdications u may have. We will do a patch test to check for any allergys, our pigments used are less invasive that a lash or brow tint.

I will then book you in for for your 1st appointment were we map out the brows and microblade them adding the pigment we choose to suit your hair and skin type.  The pigment will need to settle into your brows so its important you keep them dry whilst the healing process takes place. After care will be given.

Your final appointment will be your top up appointment. This appointment involves mapping out the brows again. I will then go over your brows checking for any pigment or strokes that did not take as well to perfecct your brows.

Top ups are normally 6-8 weeks after your 1st treatment. You will then have the perfect brows that will last between 9 months to up to 2 years. This can depend on your skin type, as more oily skin tends to fade a little quicker.

After this you just book in for top ups as required.

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